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Mother and Child on Beach

Virtual Somatic therapy for pregnant, postpartum, and seasoned moms and women in Missouri

Are you feeling scared and anxious that you will repeat the same harmful patterns you grew up with?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself and who you used to be before motherhood?

Does past trauma and pain impact your current life and relationships?

Do you feel anxious, sad, and angry sometimes even though you love your baby/child?

Awaken your Parenting and Self:

Build confidence, calm, and consciousness for a brighter future. 

Specialized Virtual Body-Based Therapy for Missouri Moms and Women

If you're questioning yourself in this role, feel disconnected from the women you used to be, and feel insecure and overwhelmed as a mom:

I can help connect you to your true self, integrate your identity as a mom with all of your other beautiful identities, and help you learn to healthily navigate family, friends, and societies dynamics of what it means to "be a mom"

If having children has shown a light on your unhealed wounds from childhood. If you want to parent differently than you were raised so you don't pass on the same harmful patterns. If you struggle with negative beliefs about yourself and how you parent. If you revert to old patterns when your parents, in-laws, or other family members come over, and it physically and emotionally drains you. If you struggle with old boundaries with others:

I use body-based trauma therapies to help you release childhood pain, learn to self-soother, heal your inner child, be the parent you needed then, and create a brighter, more conscious, and awakened part of yourself. 

Learn to navigate family dynamics in a healthy and embodied way to heal your inner child and give your child(ren) a safe and secure future. 

If you've survived a painful experience, traumatic birth, abortion, miscarriage, assault, or abuse, and know that deep down it impacts your day-to-day life and your nervous system. If you're experiencing overwhelming emotions when the past comes up, and getting stuck in unhelpful behaviors and patterns. If you experience nightmares, disconnect from others, feel numb, and enraged at what others would call "not that big of a deal":


If you're ready to release pain that is trapped in your body:


I offer somatic and EMDR therapy to help you connect with your nervous system, let go of negative beliefs, integrate self-soothing behaviors, and introduce more truthful and helpful beliefs. 

About Us

I am Toni and I will be with you every step of the way. 

I'm a somatic and EMDR trauma psychotherapist and certified yoga teacher from Saint Louis, Missouri.


Conscious Momma Therapy uses Somatic Experiencing, trauma-conscious yoga, and EMDR, to help moms release pain to transform into more healed and authentic versions of themselves. 

Mothering is a true act of courage and a lifelong commitment to nurturing and supporting another being...and yourself.

I work with mothers, at any stage, who want to parent differently than they were raised, discover their identity within their motherhood journey, and heal their inner child for a more awakened, intentional, conscious future. 

Toni Richter Somatic Trauma Therapist STL

Our mission:

To empower mothers to find healing, authenticity, and intention while navigating parenthood through body-based therapy.

Let's Talk!

Free 15-minute consultation

(314) 266-9538

Telehealth therapy based in St. Louis and available to all Missouri Residents

Thanks for reaching out!

Fee for service is $150 per 50-minute session via HIPAA-compliant video software 

I am not paneled through insurance so I am considered out-of-network. I can provide you with a monthly Superbill on request, which you may submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement. Check your "out-of-network benefits if you wish to submit for reimbursement. 

Available to Missouri Residents. Please note, due to the nature of virtual therapy I cannot accept clients who are actively suicidal, self-harming, need coping skills-based therapy, and/or experiencing psychosis. 

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